I am pretty much an open book. Many people may say I'm too open but.. my art is not, and neither am I, for everyone. I am here to help others heal. This is my only disclaimer, for the rest of my life.

While in the process of healing from many great past hurts, I found myself thinking about time. How time has not been kind, how it has brought about change, and how it will never cease. And because it will never cease, I have to grow with it.

I've been on a journey to connect with the little girl you see in the cover photo below. It is my belief that if I can get back to her, I'll find the key to my destiny. Have you ever felt like time stopped? Like, you were stuck? But although you were stuck, you still couldn't connect with anything? Yea, me too. Some times we simply must search our souls.

I have traveled my journey, for twenty years, as a broken hearted six year old girl. At twenty six, I am committed to healing and moving forward with my life. I have struggled through heartbreak and depression, over and over again. I have been mentally tormented for so many years by things that I have no control over. Finally, I'm letting go. Simply because I deserve to live a life free from bondage ...my past is over.


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