Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why I am over church..

I am a Southern girl, born and raised in the South. Slap dab in the Bible belt. But to be honest, I'm over church. Now, before I go any further into this post I want to be clear. I am not denouncing my faith as a Christian or a follower of Jesus Christ. I love God, very much so, and for this very reason I am sick of the system that is the church.

I know that this post may indeed cause so much controversy for me and my life but before I am a pleaser of man, I want to please God. And I'm here, awaiting the "attack" of the super Christians. People will tell me I'm wrong, that this is too much, and unnecessary. I come to tell you I'm right, any time one of my brothers or sisters is hurting I am to first be honest with them and then protect them. This is not too much, actually it isn't enough but I've said what God has given me. It was necessary, and it will forever be. I stand unashamed and unafraid to tell you all the truth!
"For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 
2 Timothy 1:7
The church has become far too much for me to handle and I have my reasons why. I grew up nondenominational and I have been for majority of my life. It wasn't even until I left home for college, well my senior year of college, that I even decided to join a denominational church. In both spaces I have witnessed some things that are definitely not God like. But instead of people admitting that they, just like every other person in this world, made a fleshly decision they slap some cliche church saying on it and call it truth.

These people have been the same people that condemn others to hell for, maybe not the same action, but the same sin that they have committed themselves. This is what hurts the most, watching people condemn others for the very thing that they are doing. I have talked with countless amounts of people and every time it is like a broken record being played to me.

I had no idea at first why God was sending these people my way or why I seemed like someone they could be that honest with but I get it now. I have heard the broken hearts of so many and dear fellow Christians I am here to call you out. Because what I can not take is another broken spirit coming to me hurt by people that should be helping heal them.

We preach about a God who is forgiving and understanding yet we are neither. I'd honestly like to say that we are hypocrites, we think that God discounts our sins while he charges others full price. This has become the most difficult thing for me to wrap my mind around. So, because you feel that you are closer to God what you do isn't as bad. How, Sway?

What I don't understand is, how we became so self righteous in the first place. As I recall, the bible says that we are all as filthy rags. That means that your mess stinks too! And yes, I know that the bible says for us to hold our brothers accountable. I get that!! But you can't hold someone accountable who has never had a real relationship with God.

And there it is, I am here to defend those who are just now getting to know God. These are the people you all are discouraging. You can judge one who knows better but to show someone who has just found Christ no brotherly love is just absolutely beyond my comprehension and I will not tolerate it.

We are the people who are supposed to be preaching the gospel, not our own mess, and turning hearts towards God. What I am tired of is fallen people not being good enough for "Your God" to touch. You forget that the same God that created you, created them as well. But in his time with them, his skill was somehow dull? You believe so much in the phrase that "he does all things well" until it comes to others.

The cancer that is running rampant in the church is familiarity. We want things and people to be the same, stay a type. I have news, the only thing that does not change is who God is. Times and people will forever change. We have become so caught up in the idea of what is traditional in the church or our respective denominations that we curse anything that we do not understand.

We want people to jump, shout, and run around the church when given a cue. All the while we forget that everyone's praise is not the same. We want them to live a life WE think they should live, we ought to love them even if we think they are wrong.We preach so many things with such authority but go home and our own houses are not in order. We make people feel so uncomfortable that they give up on God. Because how can they believe in this great man when his people are so wicked? We are their only physical example of what God represents.

So, I'm over church. Church people. Church things. It is my prayer that we lose this negative identity that we have created as the church and get back to what God really commanded us to do. That is love, understand, live holy and acceptable unto HIM, and be good doers. We wonder why the church is dying, we're killing it.


  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! Preach girlπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ I myself am getting tired of church in itself because people are far too judgmental as if they have no sins! xxx

    1. Thank you for reading!! I'm so glad that you relate. I have encountered so many people who have become discouraged and I had to peak out about this issue!

  2. amen!!!! someone had to say it, I havent really been going to church as i should since 2013 its sad but as you said your over it and i have been too , if your not in the latest fashion and driving the latest car in my country its like your not apart of the click and its like most dont come to serve God they come to put on a fashion show and some are in the church preaching about homosexuality and fornication yet still they are doing it they drop words for worldians but yet still they want them to join the fold. and as you said they preach about honesty and forgiveness and they aren't doing it, its so sad though because if we continue like this the crime and violence will never stop its just sad that even young people are running from the church istead of towards it

    1. Yes!! It is discouraging to so many people who are being judged for things that others are secretly doing themselves. I have spoken with so many heart broken people who do not want to return to church for these very reasons. I pray that people learn that church is not about them but about God. That's the only way things will turn around.


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