Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Life She Dreamed 👑

Happy Inspiration Wednesday!!! I hope your week has been productive and that this day brings even more productivity. Today I am here to tell you another part of my journey. These last few weeks I've been reflecting on my life heavily. Where I come from, what I've come through, and where I am headed. All of this thinking has inspired me to share some inspiration with you all, here we go.

Growing up I felt like a caged bird. For most of my childhood I was not allowed to express myself completely and freely. I was a child that loved the arts, reading books, and playing with Barbie. Reading and Barbie were fine. Even the occasional drawing was okay but anything more artistic than that deemed me, the odd ball. 

As with any child it is frustrating and unfair when you are not allowed something. Even more so when your heart is burning to do it. I remember hiding my poetry so no one would find that part of me, but they did. My Aunt found my notebook, asked what it was and if I was okay. I never answered her. That notebook along with several others filled with poetry and songs eventually vanished. That was worst than any heartbreak that I have ever felt and it caused me to try to be something other than my dope self. The dismissiveness of who I was ultimately becoming was startling and discouraging. I would ask for or to do so many things and I never got them. 

Now, I live my life on my own terms. A very good friend of mine told me earlier this week, "Always do the things little Jasmine didn't get to do or what she always dreamed." So I am here to tell you all, DO WHAT YOUR YOUNG HEART DREAMED OF! You have the right to dream and you have the responsibility to put those dreams to actions. The moment I picked up a pen to write again was the moment I knew I was taking my life back. Because of that one action I had ENOUGH courage to finally be my true self. 

I am this girl that loves art, music, fashion, and literature; nothing like what the world tells me is in! I am a free spirit on a journey that is my very own. I am not weird, I am not crazy. I may be peculiar but I am not an odd ball. God created each of us as unique as a fingerprint for a reason. I am happy here, creating my own path. It brings my life great joy to live in my truth and what I have always dreamed. We all deserve that. We all should feel that. You should feel that. Feel that!

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