Saturday, October 15, 2016

Confessions Pt. 11

"There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure." These are the Confessions of a Girl Boss.

In this life you either win or learn, so you must learn to accept failure.

It's, a battle. There are times I feel like my journey will never ever get better. A tug between what my soul yearns for and what my mind tells me I logically need.

So, what are my confessions?

I'm straight forward when it comes to my business. You can't be a boss afraid to call the shots. I try to be kind always but I have learned not to let people take advantage of me or my business.

I work hard. I mean, no one has any idea how much I put into my business. I work day in and day out to secure the future of my business and I do not regret any of the work!

This is my baby, don't mess with it!! I have mama bear syndrome when it comes to my business. I enocourage constructive criticism but do tread lightly.

I'm doing this for me. This is not for anyone else, this is for me! My business and what I stand for is to fulfill my purpose here on earth.  It is not please or satisfy others.

Signed, A Girl Boss

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