Monday, October 31, 2016

A Tribe With A Quest

Every so often in this life we encounter people that shake up our world, for the better. At first, we may not know that they will add to the value of our life. But over time God reveals to us why they were sent. Once we are granted that insight it is our duty to take care of and love these people, to pour into them. 

There is great importance in having good friends. You develop a kinship that is unbreakable, one that will last a lifetime. They become your brothers and sisters, your support system. They fit in just right to complete the puzzle of your life. And, you'd be lost without them. I am fortunate and blessed enough to have these friends in my life. 

I want to introduce you to a few of my friends. These are the people that I can always count on, in business, creativity, and in life. Each of them are uniquely gifted and bold about what they are passionate about. Each individual adds a different spunk to my life and I am forever grateful. Together we are on a quest to help each other fulfill our own destinies and dreams. This is my tribe.

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