Friday, September 2, 2016

Confessions Pt. 5

"The gates of Hell are terrible to behold, are they not." These are the Confessions of a Lost Soul.

My life, has been quite rough. Confused. Alone. Wandering mind. 

It's, insane. There are days I feel like my life is standing still. It's unlike anything I've ever imagined. No sense of direction or assurance, it gets rough.

So, what are my confessions?

I want out. I pray everyday for God to change my life around. So that I may be in a place where I'm sure of everything, even in adversity.

I can't try hard enough. It seems like no matter what I do, I can't get myself out of here. I can't find the pieces to the puzzle to unlock the key. Sometimes I feel like my best isn't enough, like I'm in hell. But I'm trying. 

Wandering. My mind never rests. I'm always thinking about something and how to fix it or ask God to fix it. It's the saddest part of my being.

My soul wants better. My soul is fighting to be totally free from this place. It keeps my mind in second command. My soul tells me to stay focused because I have something to do. My soul wants to be made new.

Signed, A Lost Soul

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