Monday, August 8, 2016


Happy Monday! I am here to help you get your week off to an amazing start. 

So, let's talk about goals again. Goals are essential to our survival as human beings. Without goals, no matter how big or small, we would merely just exist. But today let's focus on the big goals.

Big goals are the goals that we coined "long term goals". Long term goals are the goals that we set with an expectancy in the future. Future, keep that word on your minds as well we'll be back here too. These goals are very important because this is what we are building toward with our small or short term goals. It is the end result of the work that we are doing in this very moment. 

My blog graphic this week is one of my big goals. I've always dreamed of having a dope online store that offered a variety of items with my original designs, artwork, and handmade items. It has taken me several years to accomplish this, three to be exact. I have gone back to the drawing board numerous times because it just wasn't what I had planned. 

How'd I finally get to satisfaction? I wrote it out. Today, my challenge to you is to write out some of your big goals. When we put it on paper it becomes more real to us and it doesn't just remain an idea that's stuck in our head. We often hear that we should "write the vision and make it plain" because it's that crucial. 

If you have something that you believe is an amazing idea that would benefit not only you but others, develop your plan. Write down any product ideas, mission/vision statements, programs, etc. Your FUTURE depends on the moves you make now, I told you we'd be back here. 

When you write out your goals you are practically writing out your future, and your future is important. Contrary to popular belief you do indeed have some control over how your future turns out. With setting goals do introduce dreams and logic. It is awesome to be a dreamer and want to take risk but always taking risks is not logical for you or your goal. Remember that every goals impacts your future and be a wise dreamer!

I hope you guys have an amazing week! Remember to write it out, you deserve to live the life you dream of and you must go build it.

P.S.- Here's the finished product of my goal ONLINE STORE

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