Monday, August 15, 2016

Put Yourself Out There

Happy Monday everyone!! This week we're going to continue our journey of moving forward and elevating.

Last week I told you that you should write it out, now I'm pushing you to put yourself out there. What do I mean? Well, after all of your planning put what's on that paper into action. You have to act on those goals that you wrote out. Faith without works is dead.

"How do I put myself out there?" Honestly, sometimes it takes a leap of faith and dismissal of fear to do this. Nevertheless, you can do it! The easiest way to ease into promoting who you are and what you do is to start with those already around you. Let the people around you know that you've found something that you are passionate about and you'd like their feedback.

Feedback. DO NOT LET THIS MAKE YOU RUN AND HIDE! Feedback is the way that you will grow and it allows you to know what it is that you possibly need to work on. This opens the door for you to be confident in your brand when you step into networking.

Anyway, be bold and believe in what you are doing and who you are. This is the only way you will keep going. This is the only way you will be confident enough to grow your network. Do not doubt your own potential. Get out there and give your gift to this world.

Have an amazing, productive, and memorable week guys!!

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  1. Amazing post Jasmine your words are always encouraging
    Have a lovely week


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