Monday, July 18, 2016

Puppet Master

Happy Monday! This is for the ladies, strictly for the ladies. I want to dedicate this piece to all of the ladies out there that give their all and receive little to no recognition. I am here to help you start your week off on a positive vibe so let’s get straight to it.

Ladies, has there ever been a point in your life where you have felt like you were making everyone happy but yourself? Me too. We are taught to make sure the needs of others are met but how often are we taught to look out for ourselves? We are taught that we must meet the expectations that everyone else has for us but how often are we taught to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves?

Being a woman is nothing short of having a superpower. But being a woman does not mean that you are superwoman. Growing up I watched the women around me give and give to others. I watched them do what was “right” in the eyes of everyone else often times making them question what they really wanted. As a child I could never understand why they wouldn’t just stop. Growing up around this type of systematic and social structure made sure of one thing, THAT WILL NOT BE MY STORY!

At an early age I decided that I would be the puppet master and I am in charge of this show! I was called everything from stubborn to rebellious but it never bothered me. I understood this one thing, my dreams and ideas would never matter if I didn’t make them matter. Though it was hard at first for my Southern rule abiding family to understand, they eventually got it. This only came from me being courageous enough to go against the grain. I wasn’t a disobedient child, I just learned to communicate to my family that in my mind this is what is and is not logical. To me it was all about living my truth and being who I was created to be without the strains of what social structures have been set up by society and my family.

You too can be the puppet master of your life! It is ok to say “No, this is how I choose to do this thing.” Ladies, there is nothing wrong with you not being a traditional woman. I promise you all people don’t get arrested for not meeting every need of others. You do not get arrested for not making everyone happy. It is unrealistic that you will live up to all these expectations others have put in place for you. They can’t even live up to them themselves! Do not live your life in bondage.

If I have learned nothing else in my lifetime I have learned that my happiness and joy matters just as much as the rest of the world’s. We as women have to learn that it is ok to do for ourselves in every aspect of our lives. YOUR HAPPINESS DOES MATTER!! Be unapologetic in making sure that never fades. It is perfectly ok for you to grab the control and make this show happen the way you have dreamed of it happening. You deserve to smile.

Let this be your life affirmation, I AM THE PUPPET MASTER OF MY LIFE AND I WILL MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Sending you all positive vibes for life. Be great and have an amazing week ladies.

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