Monday, July 11, 2016

Black Fatality

This piece is an excerpt from my first book Enough: The Journey to Obtaining My Crown

'Twas the night before my last day on earth .. I was laughing and joking with my family.
We were talking about the future.. you know, where we'd be in the next ten years.
Planning to make it out the ghetto.
I wanted to be a doctor, maybe even a brain surgeon.
But sadly that would never happen.
I woke up the next day, got dressed for school.
Kissed my mama goodbye as she reminded me of the golden rule.
You see, mama taught me to be an honest human being.. a good citizen.
Anyway, so I'm walking to school and it's chilly outside so I put my hands in my pocket.
Not two blocks from school and I hear a voice say "drop it kid".
I turn around and there's this cop, fury in his eyes ..gun cocked.
"Officer, what'd I do?..", as I pull my hands out of my pockets to put them up.  ...Shot one. Shot two.
That was the only answer I got.
Now I'm floating in and out of conscious.. "I'm dying, I'm dying", I cry.
But the cop just yells shut up as he proceeds to search me.
"Damnit, he's unarmed" the cop says as he calls for back up.
Eye witnesses just standing by watching me die.. I ask the officer "what's so different between you and I?"
He doesn't answer..
Backup arrives and they ask the cop what transpired.
"He had his hands in his pocket so I fired."
.. and then, they begin to create a scenario where I'm the criminal and not the victim.
The whole time I'm laying on the ground body growing colder. Asking God how he'd forsaken me when I was such a good soldier.
I face the fact that I'm gonna die here I say a prayer, close my eyes, and cry my last tears.
For I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to have no fear.
I utter the words.. "I forgive you" to the officer that killed me as I take my last breath.
No more pain or judgment, I’ve finally found rest.

 © Jasmine Bledsoe 2015

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