Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chasing Sanity

Day 180

This year has been nothing short of amazing for my life. I have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Let me tell you this, it was a long time coming. Though I have surpassed my own expectations, there are still things that I lack.

There are times when I have to take a step back and gather myself. My life is happening so fast right now and though it is extremely incredible, I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I think I get so caught up in the moments, not that this is bad, I just forget I have limits.

It is my goal, as I become successful, to stay grounded. That includes keeping my sanity. I named this Chasing Sanity because sometimes I feel like I wrestle with holding on to this. It is easy for a busy person to lose themselves in the chaos of business and life. My goal is to not be this person.

I write about self development and LIVE it. I am not just telling the world things that I have not applied to my own life. There must be a balance between doing everything you love and taking care of yourself. Learn your limits.


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