Sunday, May 22, 2016


Earlier this year I had a recurring dream. Each time I got a little further to my destination but for so many nights I never saw the end.

The first night I had the dream all I saw was myself standing at the edge of the cliff looking into the landscape. The second night of the dream I looked down and saw how far up I was. I immediately became nervous and suffered an anxiety attack. The third night I was at that same cliff, but this time was different. This time I got the courage to take a few steps back and observe my surroundings. I got to see a clear view of just what I was dealing with. Night four, I ran and jumped.

On the way down I had no idea what would come next. There were so many questions running through my mind. Am I about to crash and die? Will I land on my feet? Why did I ever jump? I snapped back into my reality very quickly, I had to make the choice. Crash or hit the ground running? I decided I could do it and just before I hit the ground I stretched out my legs for landing. I hit the ground running!!!

After this I woke up. Full of questions that needed answers so I prayed. I prayed and I asked God to give me clarity and direction. He did. The day after the last dream this popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook. Talk about something freaky. This was the reassurance I needed though. If you are in a place of uncertainty, know that you are there to discover your truth. This video blessed my life and I am sure that it will bless someone else's, enjoy.

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