Friday, May 20, 2016


It's a celebration!!! Here's to two years of lessons and growth! I pray many more!!!

Today is my second blogiversary and I am uber excited! Throughout this journey I have made many mistakes but I have also learned many many things. My first year blogging I didn't celebrate this moment. Mostly because I had no idea that I should. But this year, I'm on it!!

To celebrate this milestone in my blogging career I am dropping some tips for newbies, dropping a new poem, and releasing some amazing info about Says, Jasmine. So, don't stop reading now!!

First I have 5 Tips for newbie bloggers.



This blogging experience has been nothing short of a journey. It is through writing and sharing with you all that I have discovered who I am. My advice to those who have just started blogging is to discover who you are. Not the you that society has produced. The you that you that you were destined to be. That means that you will never be complacent and you will constantly evolve, allow yourself this!


When I first started blogging I didn't have a theme or a message, it was simply an escape. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS! HOWEVER! If blogging is something that you see yourself doing long term, find your niche. Develop a mission and vision for your blog and let it be known! This is who I am and this is what I stand for. This makes people engage more and gives them a clearer idea of what to expect from you. 


Whatever you do, do it in spirit and in truth! The simple truth is people can tell when you are faking. They can tell when you aren't genuine about what you are doing and that is the reason you may never get a response from your audience. This may be the best advice ever, DO YOU! You have something that is so unique and amazing and worth knowing about. There is no need to imitate the next person. Know that learning techniques and educating yourself is totally different than completely copying what some other person has done. It is always nice to have your own touch.


Yes, that's right. Make mistakes!! Make big ones. Make little ones. Just make them and learn from them!! It is my belief that no successful person in this world got success by making all the right choices, all of the time. In order for you to grow, not only as a blogger but as an individual, you are going to have to mess up. That's just the truth about life and your career. The key is to know that failure and mistakes do not mean that you are losing. I want you all to always remember that! Just because you don't get it right the first go around does not mean that you have lost! There is no L taking in my world. Do not accept this idea of failure that society has constructed. It is a lie and will keep you stagnant. Instead of sweeping your mistakes under a rug, share them with your readers. Someone needs to know where you went wrong and what to expect if they make that same mistake!


You have every right to elevate! You have every right to be better than the you that you were the day before! When I say elevate I mean to do so in your goals, in your personal life, in your blog life, and as an individual. Hear me when I say, it ain't no fun being who you were the day before. Make it your mission in life to always out do you! Change your mind about the way you see situations in life. If you take care of who you are as an individual it will show in your work. As you begin to elevate as a person your works automatically become more genuine and more interesting. The thing about elevation is this, before you elevate you have to be down. Don't let this scare you. Don't let the process of elevation be the reason that you never allow it to take place. The pressure is good for you. Elevate past fear, elevate past apprehension, elevate past the stereotypes, elevate past the doubters, and elevate past you. No matter what you do, elevate!!



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