Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Most Important Aspect Of Your Business

You are and you will always be the most important aspect of your business. Your character, charisma, and ability to efficiently conduct business will always be at the forefront of your business. So, you must make sure that you are always on your P's and Q's. Though people think it is cliche, first impressions and reputation matter in your life and in your business. So, let's have a lesson in business etiquette from my point of view and lessons learned. Here are a few tips that will help you ultimately win!! 


There is no greater feeling than sensing that you are welcomed into someone's presence. Yes, we all say that we don't care and blah blah blah. But the honest truth is that we actually operate off of vibes. We remember if someone did not greet us with a smile and the tone of their voice. We remember how people make us feel. So, make it your mission to always put a smile on your face and receive others with a welcoming spirit. They will remember this more than they will remember what actually happened as a whole throughout your encounter.


This means that you take a genuine interest in those that you are interacting with. You will find that it is easier to work with people when you try to understand who they are and what they do. It also means that you treat everyone with the same respect. It doesn't matter if that someone is the janitor or the CEO of the company, make it your business to always show respect.


Most people can spot out a fake immediately. Be true to who you are not only in your life but also in your business. This has so many things wrapped in one but I'll pinpoint a few. The first is to believe in what you are trying to get others to support. You CAN NOT halfway believe in yourself! 


Not everyone will think, look, or act the way that you have grown accustomed to. That's fine. This is where your adult muscles get a great stretch! You have to be open minded if you want to be successful, there's no way around it. Being open minded is beneficial to all parties involved. Others get to be themselves and you get to expand your mind. If you want to truly grow, this is one of the first steps to doing so.


Please, follow up. This shows those that you have worked with that you were not only in it for that moment. One thing that I have learned since starting to build my business is that relationships matter. The relationships start with the follow up. It is impossible to build a business relationship without taking the initiative to reach out and check in with those you've worked with. Though this may be far beyond your comfort zone it is a major key to unlocking success. 


  1. These are great tips. And easy to implement. Sometimes we forget the simplest approach

    1. Thank you, Tasmin! Sometimes simplicity is best!


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