Saturday, April 9, 2016


This past week has been nothing short of, trying. I blog a lot about my battle with anxiety and depression to spread awareness to the masses. Sometimes it is really a struggle to go on with your day when you have these struggles. Nevertheless, I have done my best to keep it together this week. 

I caught myself feeling really down last night and not knowing what to pray to God because I felt incapable. The only thing that I could murmur was, "God help me." I didn't wake up feeling any better because I allowed myself to go to sleep upset. This set the mood for my day. 

This Saturday has definitely been an emotional drag. The confusion, not knowing why I feel down, and overall feeling of "not good enough" has been a lot. I began asking God what's going on. Ya know how it is when you think that you've truly been made over. You think you can't ever be down again and feel totally invincible.

That fact is, that is just not true. God never promised that we would never experience life after he has touched us. In fact, I believe that once you have accepted him and started to live accordingly it truly gets harder. So, with that in mind I got up and got myself together. Remembering that I am his!! If I am his then I have no reason to wallow in my sad feelings. Yes I am allowed to feel but I am not allowed to stay there, you aren't either.

In the midst of all of what I thought was the worst feelings I've had in awhile God gave me something. He gave me the idea of the "God's Girl" Collection for my online store. 

God's Girl is a collection of gear for women of God. It will remind of us of whose we are. We are God's girls, the daughters of a king. We must keep this in mind no matter what life throws at us!!

Check out the new collection here ----> God's Girl

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