Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Recap!

I've learned so much this year. About life. About myself. I've learned contentment.. and gotten rid of complacency. I could be upset about how this year went but instead, I'm grateful. I lost myself..and I found myself. I learned how to REALLY pray! And I'm learning to trust God more with every breath that I take. I don't make any resolutions but I do set life goals, GOAL REACHED! I LEARNED HOW TO WAR!!

In the next year, I hope to grow stronger. I know that asking God to make me stronger will require more testing of my faith ..but I can handle it! I look forward to what this new year will bring. I look forward to the milestones that I'll reach. I look forward to life!

I am excited about where my life is headed and I know God has his best in store for me. I pray that 2015 was all that each of you NEEDED! And I also pray that the new year will bring much growth to your lives. God bless, Jasmine.

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