Sunday, December 6, 2015


Hello guys!! It's been months since I've last posted anything.. it's crazy. I've been through so much and that doesn't look like it's going to be changing anytime soon. However, I'm hopeful. I believe that all of this is to push me to a point of true faith. I've been so apprehensive about a lot of things God has already given me the go on. The fear of failure is real guys. But I know that I wasn't created a fearful being. I'm going to take my pain and experiences and create something beautiful. I just wanted to let someone know that it's okay to not know where you're headed sometimes. We aren't all seeing or all knowing. Have faith that God will give you beauty for ashes. I don't know where I'm headed at this point in my life.. it seems as though everything I thought I had in the bag, fails. But today.. as I sit typing this with tears in my eyes, I believe the God that I serve has the power to take all of these experiences and raise me for his glory! I don't know much but I know God and that to me is the only thing that matters at this point in my life. He'll turn it when it's time guys. Know that. Be patient and keep your mind stayed on him. Because in due season.. you all know the rest. Be blessed.

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