Thursday, December 10, 2015

6 Things About Leaving the Nest

So, that moment you've been waiting for your entire life has finally come.
You're finally moving out of the nest. You feel a mix of emotions. 
Fear, independence.. Just to name a couple. It's the emancipation of you!
You are totally ready to start this new chapter of your life.
You finally get to your destination, mom and dad drive off.
The anxiety kicks in.. you are alone and everything you've been taught've seem to have forgotten.
Now you're stuck trying to figure this thing out on your own or 
CONSTANTLY calling your parents for advice.

Here Are 6 Things I Wish They'd Told Me Before Leaving the Nest:

1. It Isn't All That It's Made Out to Be

Sure you have your own but it's a HUGE transition

2. No More Home Cooked Meals

Even if you can cook, fast food is likely to become your bestie

3. There Is A Demon Called "Laundry"

This may not be the case for everyone but Laundry does hunt some people 

4. Laundry Has A Buddy Named "Bills"

Oh to be young and careless again. Now I know why adults hated bill time!

5. You Will Totally Lose Yourself

The person that you've known for as long you could know you will change

6. You Will Totally Find Yourself

You will experience life so much that one day you'll end up finding out who you really are

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