Monday, May 25, 2015

Quiet Time Reflection

So, becoming a part of the praise and worship team was never my plan but I've always been in that position. And I would just sing the songs we rehearsed.. Going through the motions. But a part of me felt the need to become more vulnerable to worship.. so I prayed on it. I asked God to let himself be visible through my worship. I'm not at all where I am going but I'm on my way.. This Sunday a lady hugged me and told me "you have a beautiful MINISTRY", I said thank you. But what I really wanted to say was "You don't know how much I've prayed for MINISTRY.." It's so easy to get up and sing just to be singing ..but I don't ever want that again. It's so refreshing when you have an encounter through your worship. And that worship ushering in the spirit for others to experience God as well... When mercy meets your mess God will use what you have been through to fuel you while on your way to your destiny. I'm trying to get my life fully together because now it's confirmed, I'm ministry in motion. I never want to be the reason someone turns from God because I'm not living like I have been called to live. ❤️

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