Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reclaiming The Throne

We were once queens and we acted as such.
We carried ourselves in a manner that made a man respect us.
We clothe ourselves in dignity.
We were aware of our worth.
Not accepting of a "late night thrill".
Our presence commanded respect.
We thought of ourselves as precious. 
We were once queens but now that doesn't seem to mean a thing.
Now, we don't respect much of anything. 
Especially not ourselves. 
We sell our souls for the things that look good.
We lack substance.
We lack morality.
We lack class and grace.
We were once queens..
We once dreamed 
Of the day when people would see us for who we truly are.
A peculiar kind. 
Those not afraid to color outside of society's lines.
We were once queens and it seems we lost sight of that.
But now is the time to take our kingdom back.
The amazing thing about heirs is this..
you don't lose the things you've inherited. 
Go pick up your crown and dust it off. 
Stand tall and don't slouch when you walk.
Be bold and courageous
Diligent and graceful 
We were once queens .. we still are.
Stop letting the world play you. 
It may very well be that you have achieved 
royal status for such a time as this!
Reign, Queen.

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