Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't Do It Because They Couldn't

Greetings all!!
I was sitting in bed thinking about certain decisions that
I've made in my life.
And, sadly, every decision that I have made in my adult 
life has been concerning someone else.
Whether it be their happiness, wellbeing.. etc.
But most of the time, I've made decisions based off of what someone 
did not or could not do.
Guys, don't be like me!!
Doing things to make others happy or because they could not do them
is a recipe for disaster!!
For one, you can not nor will you ever be able to make everyone happy,
worry about you first!
Second, God will never allow you to live someone else's dream.
You may try to do so and think that it is going well but it won't end that way.
Whenever we walk outside of God's will for our lives there is no happy ending.
So don't do it because they couldn't.
They may not have been able to because it was not in the Lords will for them.
So by you taking on this role you were not assigned to you then load yourself
with a weight that you never even had to bear!!
I've learned over the last few years that it was not God nor the devil who put me
in certain situations, I chose to be in them!
We take on things ourselves and then complain.
We ask God why he has forsaken us when he never told us to "do it for the team".
Listen, stop doing it for everyone else and start doing it for yourself.
Do what burns in your heart!
You were not created to be the prototype.
You were not created to be the stunt double.
Step back, ask God for a clear mind, and go in the direction he leads you.

Until next time,
xoxo Jasmine.

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