Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nothing Happens.. Before It's Time.

Hello all, I know that it has been quite awhile since I last blogged.. but hopefully I will be blogging a lot more. At least that is my plan. I hope that God has been awesome to all of you as of late. Let's get right to the topic. 

Nothing will happen in your life before it is time for that particular thing to take place. We all have these ideas of how our lives should go but we must learn to allow God's perfect will to run its course. AND BE OKAY WITH HIS WILL!! Things come and go in this life but his word will forever stand and there is no fault or flaw in it. 

So you really loved that person and it didn't work out as YOU had planned or hoped for.. LORD LET YOUR WILL BE DONE! Maybe they weren't the one or maybe it just isn't you all's season to be together. 
Didn't get the job you wanted.. LORD YOUR WILL, WILL BE DONE!! 
Maybe he has something better in store for you!!!

I could go on for days with scenarios but I won't everything give thanks and know that God's plan for your life is far greater than what you can imagine or even fathom. One day down the road you'll see his plan for your life was the BEST plan. 

Be encouraged and of good cheer. Be still and know that he IS and will ALWAYS be GOD!! 
I love you all so much and I pray that the year 2015 is the year that you will flourish in the will of God. Until next time.. be blessed and remember that when it is time for certain things in your life to take place they will!! 
-xoxo Jasmine.

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