Friday, August 1, 2014

Got Standards?

Typically, we as human beings tend to have these things called morals. We learn what is morale by conditioning that we are systematically taken through as children and sometimes as adults. We learn what the norm is and is not, how we should behave in certain situations, and how to carry ourselves when out in the world. All in all, we all have learned behaviors. We know right from wrong. At least that's what I once believed.

Here we are in the year 2014. The morale that we once knew and held to a standard is not the same. Honestly, I could go into so many different examples but I digress. Don't want to step on any toes. However, I do want to discuss the standards that we have when entertaining friendships and relationships.

Recently, I went on a rant on twitter about how outraged I am about being born in this generation. Here it is:
I still believe I was born in the wrong generation..Or maybe I'm here to challenge these, idiotic "standards" the feeble minded have spread. Like, so many things about the people of my generation just do not make sense to me. Lord have mercy ..the stupidity and lack of substance is just getting worse. I used to laugh some things off that I see.. But now it's no longer funny, it's pathetic and sad. Then you wonder why you're lonely...but "women ain't loyal" and "men are no good" ...but, still you're on this constant voyage to find "bae". Stupid. No other way to put it. Just, stupid. Y'all expect loyalty but don't ACCEPT it. Like wth is wrong with you guys? Like, one thing ain't how you like it and you're "suspicious".
I am not at all implying that I am better than the rest of my generation. All that I am saying is I feel like a lot of my peers have distorted views about so many things in life. But, sticking to the topic.

It used to be admirable to be a good friend and to be a faithful partner.. now a days you get praised for being a fake and a "player". I think it's very sad how much we as a society have deteriorated in the last few generations. It shows in the parenting that takes place and the way individuals carry themselves. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, we all have learned behaviors.. and I guess writing this blog has in fact taught me a valuable lesson. Maybe, what is abnormal to me is normal to someone else. Maybe ..just maybe they don't do better because they don't know.

Anyway, you guys be easy and have a blessed day. Until next time.

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