Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Truth About College

Initially, I was going to write a long boring blog about everything that was wrong with college. But my perspective changed without warning lol. So here I will give you the real and nothing less than that.

I first must say that the header itself speaks for everything I will possibly say. But here's why it's a different world from where we come from.

I, like many other black college students, come from the inner city dwellings of my city. I attended public schooling my entire life and it was not the best education to receive but it was a card I was dealt. However, I beat the odds because God loved me enough to bless me with the ambition to do better than my situation. I took my academics very seriously always maintaining a GPA of 3.4 or above. (...made a few mistakes, but who doesn't) ..By my senior year in high school I was involved in almost every extracurricular activity that my school had to offer. I even took a class that was geared toward applying for college! It was the best decision that I ever made. This class, my grades, and the support/help of the faculty at my school is the reason I am in college today.

Fast forward, I'm accepted into my first choice college. Immediately at orientation I realize that I have entered an entire different world than I am used to! These people are so, supportive, and we have no relationship yet. They were the friendliest people I had ever met in my life with smiles that never went away lol. It was so easy becoming comfortable with leaving home once I saw that there were people I could go to for help. Guys, there is literally someone there every step of the way if you choose to take advantage of it.

I could really go from year to year and say this will happen, then, but I won't. Let me sum it all up.. from freshman to senior year be consistent in your grades, stay involved, don't party all the time, and stay prayed up. This will be beneficial to you. Set goals, reach them, and set some more. If you mess up don't stay down, just get up and try again. And oh yea, when people start asking you those annoying questions like "well why didn't you make a better grade" "why is you GPA not higher" "when are you graduating" ..remember the only persons standards that you have to live up to is your own. You will be the one holding that degree!!

This has been the most amazing part of my life. The experiences, friendships, organizations, the search to find me, and my mistakes. I won't say that I haven't had troubles while in college ..but to be honest guys, this is the time where your true growth as an individual should be taking place and that is never comfortable. This is the time where we find out about ourselves. Some people party and other choose to have no social life, everyone has a different approach. People find out what they love to do and what they hate the most. You establish life long friendships, network, get amazing opportunities,  and become a part of something that is FOREVER. The years will most definitely fly by ..It still feels like yesterday that I was moving into my dorm freshman year! College is what you make it.

If you are "rare" in your neighborhood.. you take pride in being just that! That means that you beat the odds and followed your dreams in-spite of what could have held you back. You are Black excellence. You are the future. You are better than your situation. You are CHOSEN. God doesn't assign people on jobs that he knows they can not handle.  For Blacks this should be like an ode to our ancestors.. because they couldn't we should. Because, because of them we can! And while it is a different world from what we are accustomed to .. "here's our chance to make it if we focus on our goals." Grow and have fun guys!! This is the best time of your life!!!!! It's a challenge but the results are rewarding.

You all remember.. the only one that stands in your way is Y O U.

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