Saturday, May 17, 2014

Make Up.. the journey to knowing your face!!

For sooooooo many years I have struggled with KNOWING MY OWN FACE! I know it sounds crazy but listen.. makeup is a VERY tricky skill! However, with each stroke of the brush I am getting better at painting this human canvas. I have combination skin like many others... some parts really dry, others really oily. I've tried moisturizers, facial cleansers, you name it! That's not even my biggest issue however.. I am completely obsessed with my lips and eyebrows! I freak out when my lips are dry and when my eyebrows are messed up. So for this blog we'll just focus on those two areas! I will say, what works for one person will not always work for the next. So just try out different products, different techniques to figure out what works for you. Okay, now time to get started!!

For my lips I discovered this cute little solution.. well these cute little solutions. Baby Lips by Maybelline. They're cute and they WORK! If I forget lip gloss, no biggie.. I pull out my baby lips and BAM! I have an instant tint AND soft lips. These run around about $4 at most stores. I keep at least one in my purse for daily use. I rarely wear anything else unless it's a special occasion. 

For my eyebrows I use four different products..
First I fill them in with this inexpensive cream eyeliner by e.l.f, the brush comes with the liner. (This product runs about $2-$3). If you aren't sure about this I sometimes use the Spiked pencil by MAC as well. 

Next, I use a concealer brush and my MAC studio finish concealer ( Concealer runs about $18, the brush can be as cheap as $1, mine is an e.l.f brush). With the concealer and brush I carefully clean up my eyebrows giving them the shape that I desire. ( I'll eventually do a tutorial because this is the hardest part)

After I do my magic with the shaping I use another concealer, which is liquid and easier to spread. (This concealer runs normally around $6 at most stores). This concealer is the easiest, it is just like applying lip gloss. Once this is applied I use a foundation brush to spread it evenly around my eye area. 

The last step is to set your eyebrows, I use this clear mascara by MAC. It makes the eyebrows look more natural!

Follow these four simple steps and VOILA!! You have brows like these!! :) (Ignore my duck lips Lol).

You must remember that eyebrow care does not start or end with these products, they only enhance the look of the eyebrows! Make sure that you are keeping up the maintenance on your brows so that these products are used to their full advantage. So that means wax, pluck, or thread them moderation of course, over doing it can ruin your eyebrows and it is EXTREMELY hard to get them back the way you want them!!! .. Goodnight loves. <3

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