Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Talk About Dreams!!

"But we got dreams and we got the right to chase them."
- J. Cole

Growing up I, like many other children, had cliche dreams. I wanted to go to college, become a lawyer, and have a family. . that was it. As I got older my desires began to change, A LOT. Mainly because of life experiences but also because I was beginning to recognize and understand my gifts. However, I held on to the dream of becoming a lawyer well up until I actually started college. After my freshman year of college that dream of becoming a lawyer was gone. I had began finding myself as an individual and while on the journey (which I am still on) I started to understand that what really matters is that we do things that make us happy. 

I run off of feelings, so I want to feel the things that I do. Most of the time if it is not heartfelt I don't even feel comfortable participating. I am now a senior in college and my dreams are not dreams that keep me confined to certain standards nor do they have creative boundaries.

There's the word that I'm looking for, creativity. Almost every dream that I have now involves creative freedom. For a long time I restricted myself from being creative because it wasn't the norm in my life. I felt as if I had to please others and by being a free spirit I would be a disgrace to so many people.. because they wouldn't understand me. Then I realized that if people truly cared I would be accepted no matter how, weird, I was. Now my dreams are to be an artist (whether it is poetry, music, or art), become an entrepreneur (I have so many business plans guys lol), and start a foundation for children with Autism. All of which allow me to be free in carrying out the visions that I have! 

The hardest part of dreaming for me was breaking out of the mindset that it matters what people think about what I choose to do with MY LIFE! This is a mind binding spirit and you have got to pray it off! It doesn't matter if you do exactly what others want you to do, they will never be satisfied. So you may as well follow your heart and LIVE out your dreams! If ever something continues to manifest and you are good at it even when you aren't trying to be, recognize that as one of your gifts guys. God gives us all gifts that are to be used to glorify him and by letting people discourage us we are not doing what we were put here to do. So the next time someone tries to tell you "No, I don't think that's for you".. you tell them, "Well, I consulted with God". In all honesty, God is the only judge in any situation and we as human beings are flawed and down right hateful. So even if someone recognizes that you are truly amazing at what you do, they'll try to discourage you out of jealousy. I'll shut up now and give you guys some tips on dreaming. :)

10 DO'S AND DONT'S when you are a dreamer
  1. Do seek God in everything you aspire to do or be.
  2. Do be confident in your dream.
  3. Do follow your heart.
  4. Do use your dreams to be a servant to God.
  5. Do dream and ACHIEVE!
  6. Don't move until God says move.
  7. Don't be easily discouraged.
  8. Don't forget those who have helped you.
  9. Don't become arrogant.
  10. Don't forgot God made you and he can break you. 
Well, that's all I have for now..remember that you have the right to dream!!!.. so until next time guys! <3

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